Fernando La Rosa

Arequipa, 1943 – 2017

He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lima and later he obtained a master’s degree in the University of Tulane, in New Orleans. He also drew on the teachings of Minor White during a stay in Boston. Before emigrating to the United States he founded Secuencia, a gallery dedicated entirely to photography, which it was the motive of a new generation of practitioners of this discipline in Peru, between 1976 – 1978. Key factor in the formation of other photographers, he has served as a professor at the Parsons School in New York, work which continues up today at the  Wesleyan College in Macon, in the state Georgia.

He has received several awards throughout his career, among them a scholarship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and he has shown his work on several occasions in the US and Latin America. His photographs integrate the collections of prestigious institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Fernando La Rosa is noted for a rare knowledge and sophistication in the photographic art. His choice of the frames, the arrangement of the elements within the same rigor and compositional balance, and the dosage of light, corroborating their technical proficiency, but also debugging an aesthetic concept that transcends the descriptive aspect.

Mario Montalbetti, writer and linguist notes La Rosa’s work “The window through which we see is exactly what we see, genus and species mixed without difference”