BILLY HARE, Huacas of Lambayeque. Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center. From September 7th to November 26th

JORGE CABIESES, Symbolic releases, at El Museo gallery, Bogota. From July 6th to September 1st

FERNANDO BRYCE, Unvergessenes Land, Kunsthalle – Bremen. From July 1 to November 19

HAROLDO HIGA at the Peruvian North American Cultural Center in Arequipa, from July 4 to August 17

EDI HIROSE and MIGUEL AGUIRRE in Altered Coordinates: Frontiers, fissures and urban reticles in Lima, at ICPNA, from June 16 to August 6

MARIELLA AGOIS, JORGE CABIESES, JORGE PIQUERAS and VALENTINO SIBADON in The beginning of the emptiness at MAC until the 30 of July

The work of MIGUEL AGUIRRE in a group exhibition Criminality and criminalization in the Gallery of the Cultural Center of the University of Lima, since May 24.

MUSUK NOLTE presents solo show at FOLA of Buenos Aires. Until June 11

Galería Lucia de la Puente wins SURA Award for best stand in PArC with the artist’s piece JOSÉ LUIS MARTINAT